Energy in Aachen

Shaping the future sustainably

Our society wants to go green and preserve the livelihood of future generations on earth. As part of the energy transition, we in Germanny are therefore generating more and more energy from renewable sources and less and less from coal and natural gas. This is cutting down on greenhouse gas and is helping to keep climate change manageable.
Fraunhofer IEG accompanies the energy transition and is a partner to industry in the transition to climate-neutral technologies. New heat sources such as deep geothermal energy are being developed and brought onto the market. The renewable energies wind and sun should not only be used for the electricity sector, but also in the heating, transport and industrial processes sectors. The use of hydrogen can be the hub between previously separate energy infrastructures.
We see ourselves as independent thought leaders for politics, business and society. Our goal is to enable a sustainable energy transition through our research and at the same time to support innovation and structural change in the regions affected by the phase-out of coal-fired power generation.